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Volumetric systems are mainly used for bearing and slideway lubrication on machine tools, this is a positive displacement system delivering specific amounts of lubricant to the required points. Two types of metering valves are available: the Direct type which operate on full line pressure and the Indirect type which are incorporated into special manifolds and are operated by spring pressure as the main line pressure decays. The former gives a rapid full pressure response, whilst the latter gives a slower output. 
This is a positive displacement delivery system: Distributors deliver specific amounts of lubricant to the bearings. The surplus pump output is returned to the reservoir. This enables the number of points to be varied without major changes to the entire circuit. Direct and Indirect distributors are available: the former operate as the main line pressure increases and they can be fitted either into a manifold or directly into bearing housings: the latter operate as the main line pressure reduces, delivery to the bearing is by spring.A pressure check is sufficient to ensure that all points are lubricated.Lubricants: Oils up to 1500 cSt/40°C viscosity and up to ‘00’ soft grease. 
Fully Automatic Lubrication System 
Method of Operation 
In the above illustration of a total loss single line volumetric system the pump (A) is intermittently operated, causing pressure to be generated via (F) in the main line (H). This high pressure forces measured quantities of lubricant out of metering device (Direct Action) (D) through feed line (K) and on to lubrication point (B). The pump pressure is automatically released at relief valve (G) and main line pressure is decayed back to reservoir via relief line (E). During this period the pistons in the metering devices recover their positions in readiness for the next lubrication cycle. All Adams direct and indirect volumetric single line systems perform as outlined in BS 4807 and ISO 5170. 
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